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We live and work in a post-iOS 14 world and it is a new era of privacy-centric attribution.

IDFA cannot be used anymore to target and assess the efficacy of ads and instead, App Tracking Transparency takes its place. Those who fail to comply can easily find themselves out of the game.

Our unique position enables us to put our clients and partners brand safety on top, and in order to do so we are not only adapting our media towards the new age of advanced privacy, but we also put the focus on meeting the highest standards of leading mobile ad fraud prevention and detection solution such as Appsflyer Protect360.

Programmatic media buying

Focusing on our smart and targeted media buying, DoubleAd technology enables us to use hundreds of unique data points to connect with premium direct publishers, leading SSP’s, and Ad Exchanges, while our data-driven tools make accurate bid predictions and enables us to buy any type of media, advertise in premium sites, target specific users, and acquire any type of media all in real time.

Putting the focus on our partner’s brand safety and best interest, we work with top anti-fraud solutions, in order to detect, mark and block suspicious channels which provides real-time protection


From banner through native ads and all to in-app video and playable ads, in-app advertising contains better opportunity to target the right audience at the right time, higher click-through rates, and a chance to engage users at the moment they are most receptive.

Through direct integration with leading apps & SDK partners, we will help you to get insights of in-app advertising complex world, make effective strategic decisions and get exclusive access to advertisement within broad selection of direct apps with worldwide coverage.