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We live and work in a post-iOS 14 world and it is a new era of privacy-centric attribution.

IDFA cannot be used anymore to target and assess the efficacy of ads and instead, App Tracking Transparency takes its place. Those who fail to comply can easily find themselves out of the game.

In DoubleAd, a team of media specialists, we used our extensive experience, know-how and technology in order to adapt our media quickly towards the new age of advanced privacy, so that you, whether you are a brand, an agency or an ad network will have the right experts and media working for you to maximize your growth opportunities.

Performance Marketing

We take your growth seriously, which is why we believe that you deserve a transparent approach and accurate media in place to ensure that your marketing efforts are always hitting the right targets.

Select your plan and execute efficient and transparent performance campaigns across our programmatic inventory to grow your high-value users.

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While TikTok and Snapchat popularity is on the rise, new audience is out there.

DoubleAd social marketing solution will help you to reach new and targeted audience, create informed decisions, scale performance and achieve your advertising goals across the most popular social platforms.

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